The Buglers' Association was initially created in 2013 by veteran buglers of The Light Infantry to give former buglers their own association. Initially it was a way to trace lost friends and keep in touch with each other but some of us bought bugles and started to practise again. Very soon we were called upon to sound The Last Post at the funerals of those we served with because these days, buglers are very hard to come by. Since then, we've been very busy, from performing military music with a variety of bands, to playing fanfares at civic and military events, weddings and anniversaries, as well as sounding The Last Post at many funerals, memorials and commemorations.
The Buglers' Association committee members are:
Col Rex Stephenson CBE  (Association President)
Alan Tamblyn (Chairman)
Neil Hartshorne (Association Secretary)
Craig Rosser (Association Treasurer)
John Henry Plumridge, Garry Suggett, Peter Tresadern, Bill Gledhill, Norman Elliott (Regional Co-ordinators)
Tom Jerry (Musical Co-ordinator)

The Association buglers are now regularly engaged in performing at events across the country, the scale of which is growing all the time. Membership is open to any buglers who would like to join us, from the LI, RGJ or Rifles, ex Regulars, TA or ACF, all are welcome.

 For further information on joining or to book us for an event, please Contact Us

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Our 1st get-together at The Light Infantry Reunion - Shrewsbury (June 2014)
Light Infantry Reunion - Shrewsbury (June 2015) where we were joined by Col. Rex Stephenson and Gen. Robin Brims
Since then, we've come a very long way in a short space of time. We were joined in 2015 by veteran buglers of The Royal Green Jackets and The Rifles, so we amended our title accordingly. We formed a committee, we've become a fully constituted association, we have a formal dress code and we have buglers all across the country.